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Install Allset Plus 3.0 GOLD APP thru “Downloader App”


On Any Firestick or Android device make sure you have enabled         “Unknown Sources”.... 

For Android Box  simply go to any browser type allsettv.com  go to the downloads page and click on the app you want and it will download onto the device. then follow the steps below for another way thru Downloader app

For Firestick & Nvidia Shield Devices

Step 1: make sure Firestick is connected to YOUR Internet/Wifi …Go into Firestick Settings (Clog Wheel Far Right)

MY FIRE TV or DEVICE & SOFTWARE and go and click DEVELOPER OPTIONS and turn both  options on...  if you do not see DEVELOPER OPTIONS  you just have to navigate to Settings > MY FIRE TV or DEVICE & SOFTWARE> ABOUT, and then keep clicking the device name until you see a “You are now a developer” popup (around 7 times). After that, the Developer Options menu shows up like normal.

For New Firesticks or 4K Max

Then press Home button and go to Search(top left) and type in DOWNLOADER or press Alexa button and say   “DOWNLOADER”….install the App and open…

Once open Type in www.allsettv.com


Once on our Website scroll down past the FREE TRIAL BLUE area... right under that on the LEFT side you will see "Android & Firestick Devices" under a Tablet icon... Click the words and it will bring you to the downloads page where you can select which app you want.   If this option does not work then below is the Other Method way to download.


Our website will pop up and scroll down with circle on remote to the BAR that says select page and click on the red 3 lines (Hamburger)  and go to Downloads then  scroll to the Firestick logo with NEW APP 3.0  (Gold App) and click the Download button under the picture


Click it to start downloading our app then next screen will ask to install and click INSTALL


For New Firesticks or 4K Max you might have to go back once Downloader has installed and when you go to install the app youll get this picture below...simply choose settings then turn Downloader on by going to it and pressing center circle button. Then press back once and re install your app



Add USER and Log in Thru the bottom Login by choosing    “Xtream Codes API “



You can put ANY name in the top line USERNAME and PASSWORD from email to go here then click ADD USER::::::::


IT WILL ASK TV OR MOBILE so select for whatever device you are using…for Firestick choose TV for phone choose Mobile


Once In Main Screen you will have to Download the EPG onLIVE TV, MOVIES, & SERIES … (you can refresh daily and hourly)

(If you have older app the EPG on App Home Screen will say INSTALL EPG and you will have to go to LIVE TV then 3 Dots top Right and select refresh Movies tv series and channels then do it again and select refresh TV Guide)


Press back to get to Gold App home screen then go to settings:

change time to 12 hr not 24 hr...

Check General Setting to remove Auto Start up & to Clear Cache at least once a week to clean the app::

Go To Automation to set tv guide /EPG and movies when to update the streams.

Make sure your EPG is refreshed in this menu as well

Go thru your Settings and tweak your app to your liking … everyone’s internet and systems are different so we give many options to tweak the app to make a perfect buffer free experience.

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