Do these following Steps Daily to get the best Experience out of your Firestick and App. 

VERY IMPORTANT To avoid Buffering and missing Content you should Always UPDATE your apps Channels and Guide (instructions below)

Force Stop background apps and Clear Cache (instructions below)** clear catch on Allset App, MX or VLC Players**

Uninstall unwanted or no longer needed apps (instructions below)

make sure Firestick is updated (instructions below)

run speed test or restart modem and firestick at the same time

go thru app settings and fine tune the app for your needs (everyones Tv and Internet is different) 

Other Info:

make sure your firestick is a 4k or 4k max ...(we offer discounts to upgrade to a better firestick version)

make sure your Allset app version is the newest version (Blue & Gold 3.0 app) we add new app versions on website as we get them 



on BLUE app : go to the top right of app and press UPDATE this will give you the up to date channels movies and tv series

on GOLD 3.0 app : under each section Live Tv-Movies-Tv Series press down to select the last updated box and click circle to update and also in settings top right go to EPG and refresh the REFRESH EPG as well to make sure it all syncs.


on firestick go to Settings then navigate to APPS then once in Apps go down to Manage Installed Apps and click that- there you can scroll thru your apps and click them to open up a submenu where you can Force Stop, Clear Cache, and uninstall. make sure your firesticks internal space has room or the firestick wont work properly- Firesticks never shutdown apps once started so you must Force Stop and clear cache so they open clean and issue free. 


Go to Settings on your Fire TV.--Select My Fire TV.--Select About.--Select Check for System Update.

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