Hit home button on remote control

Go to the end of the row and click the cog wheel “Settings” Then Click APPLICATIONS


 Click Manage Installed Applications

(Make sure the internal space is as close to 1 GB available of 5 GB) the more you have available the better the Firestick will run)


Find the apps you want to clear --Click Allset TV or Allset Plus App (do these steps for all Allset apps and others ...if you have VLC and MX Player clear those as well)


 Click Force Stop 

Now go down to Clear Cache---- (DO NOT choose Clear Data)


This should  Refresh the App and clear it from most glitches it is good to do this every  week to keep the app clean and functioning properly

you can also uninstall an application from this menu as well. If your Firestick becomes overloaded with apps it will not function properly

here is more information on Clearing Cache from Amazon


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