1.Refresh DNS and fix Buffering and other TIPS

For best maintenance on our app you should remember these few steps::::::

Hit the HOME button on Firestick and go to settings top right then go to applications then once in applications go to manage installed apps. Once in that menu you can scroll down to any app to clean them but this time choose ALLSET TV and open it then go to FORCE STOP then click it then go to CLEAR CACHE and click it …that will clean up the app…


anytime we do updates or there is a storm sometimes the server can get detached from the app. Real easy fix you go to accounts while in app and log out or sign out. then in log in page it will say REFRESH DNS … click down and then to the left to make sure an orange box is around the DNS then click it it should say refresh is successful then you can log in and make sure if there to install the EPG that should reconnect the server.


Go into any live tv menu and select a show to watch… once you have show full screen you can click the center button on firestick to bring up the player menu and click left to the HW in the circle and if its white click it to make it red and that will put player in a better High Def player and get rid of any dirty footage.

Once installed the app you can go to app settings and change time format to 12hrs not 24.


Sometimes the Decoder can change so make sure you have it on Native or Hardware Decoder…to do this you go to the settings clog wheel inside Gold App and scroll down to player settings and select the decoder then save.

2.Buffering Issues FAQ

#1 fix to solve most issues.
in the app go into settings and change decoder to hardware. 
then highlight channel and long press select and choose play with VLC.  if you do not have VLC Player on firestick press Alexa and say VLC or search for it …install VLC then go into TV app Setting and add the player
Please note that apps themselves cannot cause buffering. They do not host the files, but merely display them in an easy to use list for you.
There are many reasons you may be having buffering problems, but hopefully the following steps will help limit the buffering for you.
First Step
The first thing you should always do if you have any issues is Force Quit then clear the app cache. This can be done through your device settings.
      You should also restart your device and unplug your router, waiting approx. 5 minutes before plugging it back in.
If the above solutions don’t work, continue on…
Your internet connection
Many people say “but I have xx Mbps, it shouldn’t buffer”.  What you pay for and what you get can sometimes be two different things.  The best thing to do is run a speed test. Netflix offers its own speed test at https://fast.com/.  It is recommended at least 30 Mbps for basic HD (up to 720p), 60 Mbps for 1080p full HD, and 100 Mbps for anything higher than that. The connection needs to remain steady, with little fluctuation.
On LAPTOP you can go to speedtest.net by OOKLA
then pic the company and state you are in or close to then run test the download should be higher than 60 for no buffering and upload should be higher than 7 and ping should be under 30.
Being on a wireless network can also sometimes cause lesser speeds. Try checking the speed with a device that is connected via Ethernet cable too see if wireless gives different results. If it does, you may need to hook up rather than use wireless.
Number of devices
The more devices using the same network as you the less speed you will have. If they are also streaming or downloading this will decrease the speed and share of the network you have. If you are going to stream, try and do it at a time when other devices are either off or not using much bandwidth.
Being on a wireless network can also sometimes cause lesser speeds. Try checking the speed with a device that is connected via Ethernet cable too see if wireless gives different results. If it does, you may need to hook up rather than use wireless.
Improve Wi-Fi performance
If speed tests appear to be a lot less than what you are paying for and
+ there is no significant difference between wired and wireless devices
+ there is little chance of other devices affecting the speed
It may be that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router isn’t the best. There are a few things you can try to help with this:
+ Make sure your router is not positioned near walls, metal objects or other objects that can interfere with Wi-Fi (like microwaves or cordless phones, wireless door chimes and even baby monitors!)
+ For streaming, try and be in the same room as the router
+ If your router allows it, and most do, change to a different channel, as other Wi-Fi signals from homes near yours may all be using the same channel as you.
Provider Throttling
What could also cause buffering is if your ISP throttles speeds to streaming sites. This is one way of them trying to prevent users from being able to stream from these sites, by slowing your speed down so much that you give up. One way to check if this is happening is to download a free VPN app, turn it on, and try streaming again. If there is less buffering, chances are that your ISP is throttling speeds on streaming, and the only options to get around it would be to invest in a good VPN or change providers.
Outdated Router
If all else fails to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal it may be that your router is older. In that case you may need to purchase a new router.
While sometimes, yes, providers do have some issues or server problems, more often than not buffering issues are on the user end due to one of the above situations.
Modem/Router Combos often cause issues try to keep the modem just a modem and router just the router and try to get away from Linear Routers and go for Mesh or panoramic.  make sure you have the latest DOXCISS 3.1

3.Still Buffering Change Player Settings

If you have Refreshed the DNS – Foce Stopeed app and Cleared the Cache then go back into Gold app and go to settings top Right:

Then once in settings menu go to the bottom left and select Player Settings:::

Once in Player Settings you can choose between Native –Hardware — Software  those 3 will help with any buffering issues if the other issues did not fix it. 

4.Guide Missing or Buffering? Fix here

Go to App Main Screen then go to Account on top right …Click the account logo then log out …it will ask if you are sure and select yes. then once logged out you will come to a login in screen and on the lower left the Refresh DNS tab… move down and then left to select the tab an orange bar will be around it… press it then a refresh successful will pop up. Once this is done simply log back in. Also make sure you install EPG to load the menu. this is located under movies tab.

5.Install for Firestick/Android--DOWNLOADER App

Here are the Instructions for downloading  DOWNLOADER APP  Firestick and Android:

For Android PHONE:::


******Make sure you have allowed install from “unknown app sources”

A….Android cell phone settings:

B…Firestick Settings  then go to My Fire TV then select Developer Options and turn both on

also choose package installer  if the prompt window pops up just click it 2x.


there are 2 ways to get our  APP on your phone

  1. Go to Playstore and type in ALLSETTV   then select from dropdown list and install
  2. DOWNLOADER APP:   on any phone device if playstore is not working you can get downloader app then install filelinked    first go to any browser and type this in or if on phone click the link

bit.ly/cb74downloader       make sure you go to setting top right and enable java   –download it then install it …allow and accept then type in this link in downloader then press go

bit.ly/TVGuyde       this gets you the filelinked app  click the green download filelinked tab on bottom of screen   install then open  and then type in our store code  85944975   enjoy….


Go to Downloader App —(orange w/ white arrow)–(For Firestick press ALEXA and say Downloader) or go to search top left and type in downloader

Make sure JAVA box is checked    —-under settings—
Type in bit.ly/TVGuyde      see Tutorial #7
You can Download Gold App thru File linked  see Tutorial #6
To Get Gold App thru Downloader see below
Then Type in the URL to download::::   examples are down below::::::::::
GOLD EDITION:::  UPDATED 2/15/20    to get new updated app uninstall old one and reinstall newer version.
 once downloaded app or apps please visit the rest of the TUTORIALS to fine tune the app to help avoid buffering issues…


go and click install EPG  then press back to get to gold app home screen then go to settings and change time to 12 hr not 24 hr…save and enjoy the app

6.GOLD App Install for Firestick/Android

To get “Filelinked”  you can open up DOWNLOADER and type in “http://bit.ly/TVGuyde

Install FILELINKED then open it to get to the code page::::

once in code page type in    85944975 then press next…


MAKE SURE YOU DISMISS the POPUPS and do not download anything that you do not understand…the First App is the ALLSET TV app and we have thrown in a few EXTRAS incase if you are interested.

drop down and select the Allset tv app and click to start download once download started the drop arrow will turn into a play logo in a circle. click on it to install then open.

once in dont forget to install EPG and go into settings and change the time format to 12hr not 24.

We have added the Mx Player and Cinema and Cyberflix for movies and tv shows please look over the tutorials for more indepth instructions  see Tutorials # 5 & 7

7.Filelinked/Cinema/Cyberflix Movie and TV apps

for apps that plays movies and tv shows for if our site goes down or does not have what you are looking for… we will provide you with a way of using 3rd party apps like Kodi and Cyber Flix and Cinema Apk

open downloader

Click Image to Enlarge

and type in  http://bit.ly/TVGuyde

install Filelinked

then put in these codes

22222222   then 4754 pin

Dismiss the popup screens and you can load MX Player Cyberflix and Cinema Apk

Also make sure you choose package installer and click it 2x. 

THESE ARE NOT OUR APPS so we cannot help you with any issues arising from these apps


 Go to the Settings and Make sure Choose Default Player is on MX Player or VLC

Showed Aired Episode Only  check box

Clear Cache click once then scroll down and uncheck sort links by quality

when selecting a link we recommend under 500mb anything over 500 will look better but buffer more


CYBERFLIX Settings:::

Go to settings press clear cache

Choose default video player::::  VLC or MX Player

you can change other settings but these will help with buffering.


8.Iphone App Download Instructions

Here are the Instructions for downloading  Apps on iPhone: there are multiple apps to use

Here is the easiest way CLICK THE PICTURE::::

ink (1).png


WESOPRO IPTV Install Info:::::

Step 1 in APP Store type wesopro iptv…

step 2 fill out your username and password and to add name put in Allset Tv

DNS :::::  in the first line it will ask for our DNS this is PRIVATE and you must contact us for it…call or email or text and we will respond with the DNS thanks

then you can put in your own username and password then log in

GSE IPTVINFO:::   type in app store GSE IPTV then install


click here for VIDEO::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urjHBa1iybs

  1. Go to App Store and search “IPTV Smarters” Download the App.

Step 2-4:

  1. Once open on the top line type:  “All set tv”
  2. Put in your username and password (like you put into web player).
  3. On the bottom line type in the DNS  in the first line it will ask for our DNS this is PRIVATE and you must contact us for it…call or email or text and we will respond with the DNS thanks then you can put in your own username and password then log in
Here is an app for apple tv users.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iptv-smarters/id1383614816

9.SMART TV APP Install

Click here to view video  for LG and Samgsung:::::

Go To your TVs SMART APP store and look for “IPTV SMARTERS PLAYER”

then use your username and password to log in

if app asks for DNS or PORTAL

*****The  DNS  is PRIVATE and you must contact us for it…call or email or text and describe the reason you need the DNS-  and we will respond with the DNS …thanks
then you can put in your own username and password then log in
you can also google or Youtube for instructions on how to install this app.

10.Account Setup

When Creating a new Account make sure you scroll down on the page and fill out all information.Please add all address and billing information correctly and  Make sure you add a username and keep it simple. DO NOT make it the same as your email … keep the usernames simple  (for example johndoe@gmail.com for website username then johnd for app username)

For any issues with Credit Card payments …Make sure you fill out the checkout screen completely. For credit card make sure the name, address, and  phone number is correct and  on card make sure date and code is correct …this site is very case sensitive and if any information is wrong it might not take credit card.

11.How to pay Bill

The easiest way to pay is to login thru www.allsettv.com and go to to the unpaid invoice box and click the RED view all button…the next screen that pops up will have an UNPAID box to the right in red…click that little box.  the next screen that pops up will have a GREEN pay now button. PLEASE click that button and it will bring you to the payment screen.

VERY IMPORTANT::::: Make sure you have the name and address that matches the card you use or else it will not take … you can always check by pressing the change info button and adding the correct info or log into the account and make the changes before you pay.

We have other ways of paying also we now have the opportunity to auto pay …please contact us to use that system we will have to set it up for you.

Other ways to pay are as follows::


Cash app  $Allsettv

Popmoney  Allsettv@yahoo.com  first name All last name Set

Venmo  Allsettv@yahoo.com

contact us if you need to pay in a way that is not listed.

12.Invalid server url or cant log in?

Invalid server url means your typing in your logins wrong. Your unique username and password is case sensitive and have to be inputed exactly as shown in your client area.

(need to know how to find your correct logins in your client area ..see Tutorial username and password)

note: your website logins and stream logins are 2 seperate logins.

13.Credit Card Failure & Other Payment Methods

FIRST AND FOREMOST YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO USING A PC AS SOME DEVICES SUCH AS A MOBILE PHONE WILL NOT LOAD THE HTML PROPERLY.   Also Contact Your Bank and make sure they are not blocking us from charging your card (Quickbooks)

Make sure all information is put in for CREDIT CARD  full name as on card full address the card number the date and 3 digits on back

If you are still having trouble paying thru site we have multiple other forms of paying…

You can request invoice thru Email thru Quickbooks

Cash App::   Cashapp/$Allsettv

Venmo :::  @allsettv

Zelle::: allsettv@yahoo.com

PopMoney  All Set first and last name  allsettv@yahoo.com

14.How to Find App Username and password

Log into your Account @ www.allsettv.com once logged in click on your service then scroll down and click on green but that says IPTV Service Details

15.Back Up Web Player

here is a back up web player incase our site player is not working

go in any browser and type in …


16.Deregister Dummy Account And and use your own.

VERY IMPORTANT —Once you purchase a firestick from us(ALLSET TV) you need to DEREGISTER Account from our dummy account and log in with your own account or go to www.amazon.com and create a new  account to use to register the firestick.  WE cannot leave our dummy account on your firestick. Once you purchase it it is yours and Amazon requires you to have your own devive registered  incase of any account issues you can deal directly with Amazon. Also you cannot order or do anything with Amazon or Prime  while registered under our dummy account. Thanks


Go to Settings from home page

Then scroll all the way to the end to get to Account.

Select Account or Amazon Account  then select DEREGISTER  and follow the prompts.

Once you have the new Account set up you will need to re set the Apps in order from left to right …here is a picture of how we set up the apps…From Home screen go down to YOUR APPS & CHANNELS and press left to open See all menu – Once in menu all your apps will pop up and you can move your apps— just long press the ENTER button (circle) or press the 3 lines button on firestick and you can move the apps. the First App should go to the top and to the far left Amazon works from Left to right. For more information you can go to www.amazon.com and look up how to setup firestick and app troubleshoot.

17.Firestick Troubleshooting or Service not working:::

Allset Tv  Troubleshooting & Hard Update Reset:
 For major server updates and regular maintenance you will have to follow these few easy steps:
Go to settings in firestick (top Right)
 go to Settings then  drop down and select applications and press enter button
Image result for firestick applications logo
 go 4 down to Manage installed applications -enter
Image result for firestick applications menu
Select Allset app hit enter button then 
1- force stop
2- clear cache (bottom)
Image result for firestick applications menu
Go back to main settings (back button)
Then go to my fire tv or my device and restart Firestick.

Optional---Its always a good idea to re start your modem after this to establish a reconnect
Reset your main modem to your internet ---simply unplug count to 10 then plug back in. 
Go back to firestick open Allsettv app then refresh channels and tv guide (3 line button in any menu)

You can Also Log out and refresh DNS on Left then Log back in.  Make sure DNS button has Orange bar around it when clicking it.

18.Set Firestick to TV for volume and power

Go to Firestick Settings then Select Equipment Control

then select Manage Equipment

Then Select TV

Then Select Change TV

Then Follow the onscreen instructions.

19.DVR Recording Tutorial

We do offer a light DVR Recording on our app … its Old Skool but it does work… You will need to start it as close to the playing program as possible to avoid recording what you don’t want to watch. The DVR records by minutes so if you have a 60 minute show to be safe set it for 70 minutes and try to start recording as close to the start of the show. to make sure you don’t miss a show add the time before the show starts the length of the show and 10 minutes after to guarantee you catch the show in full.


Open Live TV on left and pick a channel and make sure its highlighted  to make sure you are on the correct channel (the one with GREEN ARROW)   once on the channel click and hold the circle button on the firestick…a menu will pop up and select RECORDING. Once selected a small window will appear with your recording options.

The top bar is the channel selected…

The Duration is where you will put your MINUTES:::

The 3rd Bar down is where the movies will save to …you can click BROWSE and add an external USB with the USB Firestick Adapter… to give you more space to record.   The Firestick is very limited on storage its max is only 5 Gigs so it can run out of memory real fast.

Once a show is recorded you can go to the TOP right to RECORDINGS and find the shows to choose for playback

Once in RECORDINGS menu  you can play or delete and also choose another video player like VLC or MX Player

20.CHANGE and ADD Players to GOLD APP

There are 2 good Players  that we recommend but there are also many other players out there you can add into the app.

The only 2 we recommend is MX PLAYER and VLC… you need to install these in the Amazon store…simply press ALEXA and  say the Player name or use Filelinked … Once player is installed you launch the GOLD Allset TV app for android or Firestick. once in the app you go to top right and click on the CLOG WHEEL for SETTINGS.


Once in… Click on top right ADD PLAYER

This will auto populate any player that is installed on the Firestick::

Pick a player make sure yellow box is around the selected player then click center button.

Confirm the selection:::

then go to Player Selection in the Settings Menu:::

You can now choose which player to add in which section you want … you can add different players in each section.


21. ROKU APP Download

ROKU has an app called  MASTERMINDS Smart Tv Service

(this is not our app but will work with our service.)

Go to your Roku channel store.  Download and install the MasterMinds App.

When prompted for an Access code enter 205CD9

(it will bring up AlienStreams but you are still under Allset TV this is just for the access to the Roku app.)

Then Enter Your Username and password

This will now install the StreamWiseMedia line.

And Enjoy.

This App Has not been tested Fully yet since it is new….please contact us if this information does not work. On Roku you only have access to the live tv the movies and series and multiscreen is only avail thru the android/firestick app.

22. How to ALIGN the guide if times are off

While in the GOLD app go to settings on top right or while in menu go to top right 3 dots or hit the 3 lines on firestick to get to menu-

go to settings then EPG Time Shift

and move the numbers either negative or positive by the hour…

in otherwords if menu shows  3 shows and the current one is 3 hours off to the future then move EPG numbers up 3…. if movie is behind an hour then move epg -1… you might have to play around until the menu is correct and keep in mind the menu might correct itself and you will have to change the numbers back to zero. see pics below

23. How to add or change Credit Card Info

Log into account and click into BILLING  at the top left in Blue Bar and then click add funds…on the bottom left you will see Manage Credit card click that and then you can see the card already on file or add a new card under that.. if you are still having issues you can call us and we can take the card over the phone and add to your account

24.DVR for Allset tv IPTV EXTREME Install

The wait is over DVR is here… for full tutorial go to:


TO DOWNLOAD APP  you can go to our FILELINKED  page  and type in code 85944975

This is a 3RD PARTY APP This Tutorial is just to set it up to our TV Player…..

here is a YOUTUBE link to check ouf for more info and how to use the app



Open filelinked and type in  85944975


Open Downloader and type in the following:


click the green link if this page pops up

Once Installed Press back  then go to MENU top right – enter –  then  select PLAYLIST

then add playlist

There will be the options to select from you will pick “Extreme Codes Portal”

follow the prompts then make sure you fill out the info listed

Make sure for STREAMS FORMAT you change the TS to M3U8

CONTACT US FOR THE SERVER PORT INFORMATION  we will send it to you to type in.

Once installed hit ok then press back then  the guide will load up  press ok to agree

To RECORD::::  there are other ways to record but this one is easier.

once in to record the show you can go to timers and add timer and set your channel up

More tutorials will be added soon!

Stay Tuned!